Dating and Hookups in Portland

Overall rating 7.0
Attractiveness Rating 7.0
Chance of Hooking Up 5.0
Fun Rating 6.5
Fitness Rating 7.5
Safety Rating 6.0
Male to Female Ratio .98
Average Date Price $119.79
Most Popular Dating App Tinder
Unmarried Population 59%
College Educated 51%
Identify as Religious 40%

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When you think about the various places you can enjoy going out for a date, you really have to appreciate the opportunity to do it in Portland, Oregon. As the sixth most populous city on the West Coast, you will have no shortage of people to choose from when looking to have a good time. Fortunately for you and your date, there is so much to do here and you will not be disappointed. With that said, there are numerous approaches you can take as to how you want your dates to go so here are a few to get you started.

Where to meet singles in Portland

Where to meet singles in Portland

The Pacific Northwest is a gem in the United States as a whole, yet it offers a unique experience to those seeking to enjoy the dating life. When thinking about the climate alone, it provides you the opportunity to have a good time both indoors and outdoors. As you get out there to date, make sure you use this to your advantage.

Hookups in Portland

As you continue to enjoy the dating scene, you must account for the real magic out in the Pacific Northwest:hookup culture. You are in for a real treat at these spots and you will definitely find somebody to keep you warm and cozy deep into the night.

First Date Ideas in Portland

One of the many reasons Portland, Oregon is a great place to date is due to the fact that it’s a smaller city with a big city feel. This is especially true in the area of professional sports. For those date enthusiasts that enjoy the opportunity to scream away for the home team, you will have tons of options here too!

Outside Date Ideas in Portland

In Summary

As you reflect on all the amazing places to date in this wonderful country of ours, you will be hard-pressed to find one like Portland, Oregon. What makes the city unique is that it offers a wide variety of experiences for daters. Whether you are seeking to day drink with your date, go out to a fancy restaurant, or find a waterfall to get under, all of it is available in Portland. While you continue to perfect your dating technique, you will recognize that the environment and its activities will take your success further in the long run. Keep in mind, the most important thing with dating is to enjoy the process and appreciate the people you get to know in your various experiences.

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