Dating and Hookups in Philadelphia

Overall rating 6.5
Attractiveness Rating 6.0
Chance of Hooking Up 6.5
Fun Rating 6.5
Fitness Rating 7.0
Safety Rating 4.5
Male to Female Ratio .90
Average Date Price $101.55
Most Popular Dating App Tinder
Unmarried Population 48%
College Educated 33%
Identify as Religious 68%

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“Philly” or the “City of Brotherly Love” is known best for the Liberty Bell, cheesesteaks, and its rich history. Philadelphia is the sixth-largest city in the United States by population and one of the oldest metropolitan areas in the country. The city played an instrumental role in the American Revolution as the founding fathers gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Philly’s many colleges and universities make it a great place to study and an even greater place to find college-aged singles. The city’s largest school is Temple University. Other nationally ranked universities include Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Thomas Jefferson University. There is no shortage of college hotties to be found in Philly.

Geographically, Philly sits right up against the Delaware River which separates it from New Jersey. Although Philadelphia isn’t an ocean city, it’s a short drive from many great beaches in Jersey. There’s not much surrounding Philadelphia in terms of outdoor activities so it is best suited for people who enjoy the city life.

Where to meet singles in Philadelphia

Where to meet singles in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is divided into many different neighborhoods. Take a look at some of our suggestions below to increase your chances of linking up with other singles:


Although Temple University is located downtown, Germantown has quickly become the premier off-campus spot to live. The area attracts upperclassmen and recent college graduates the most. It’s one of the oldest neighborhoods in Philadelphia but has a relaxed, backyard kind of vibe. The city’s regional rail lines have multiple stops throughout the neighborhood which makes getting around while intoxicated easy.

Germantown Avenue and Chelten Ave are where you’ll want to be on the weekends. The La Rose Jazz Club is a smooth and sexy joint that is bound to set the mood and get singles dancing. Victor’s Tavern is a dive bar that fills up on the weekends and offers cheap drinks and a good time.

If you’re not into drinking on the weekends, then head over to the Revolutionary Germantown Festival to meet a history buff. The festival is complete with reenactments and tours of the local museums. If you’re into other singles that like history, then you need to check out the Johnson House Historic Site which features vendors, performances, and more throughout the year.

The Gayborhood

It’s not called the “City of Brotherly Love” for no reason. The Gayborhood is located in the heart of downtown Philly. Whether you’re gay or not, the gayborhood is always a great place to meet singles. If you ARE gay, then you’ll be in heaven here. If you’re not, then you’ll still have luck meeting straight ladies that are going out for a night with their gay besties. Just keep an open mind because it can get rowdy.

Most of the Gayborhood bars are focused on men and have clubby vibes. Woody’s is the premier gay bar in the entire state. It’s always crowded and very loud. Tavern on Camac is more laid-back if you’re looking for a pub-style place where you can hold a conversation without screaming over the music.

For daytime activities, keep an eye out for their pride festival. Gayborhood was a term coined by OutFest which was hosted in the area. Keep an eye out for the Philly Pride Parade and Festival and other Keystone pride events.

South Street

Hipster vibes, edginess, preps, punks, and artists alike all seem to gather on South Street. It’s known as the melting pot of the different subcultures within Philadelphia. On South Street, you’ll find a real Philly cheesesteak, live music, and great shopping all in one area.

To give you an idea of the cultural diversity, you can start out at Paddy Whacks Irish Pub, head over to Fat Tuesday for a Mardi-Gras-themed bar, and end your night at the Tattooed Mom for a quirky punk bar with bumper-car tables. There is no shortage of diversity on South Street which means that there is likely a single out there that shares the same exact interests as you.

Other fun places to go that get crowded on the weekends with singles include His & Hers Restaurant bar which has a Turkish flare to it, the Brauhaus Schmitz for a German beer hall with brats, and MilkBoy South Street for free live music.

Hookups in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a great city for hookups. Check out our recommendations below to increase your chance:

First Date Ideas in Philadelphia

Want to ‘wow’ your first date? Take them out to one of our suggestions below:

Wissahickon Valley Park

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a hike on Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon Valley Park. It’s a five-mile hike that is consistently awarded with “Trail of the Year” in Pennsylvania. The hike runs parallel to the Wissahickon Creek so pack a lunch and have a picnic by running water. This is a great free date idea in nature for active couples. In fact, it’s one of the only nature date ideas in the entire city.

If you don’t mind spending some money, then stop by the Valley Green Inn at the end of your hike. It’s a historical inn which was turned into a restaurant that serves locally sourced food. It’s a great spot for a romantic brunch or dinner with some historical charm to it as well.

Fiume Speakeasy

In West Philadelphia, born and raised, in the Fiume Speakeasy is where I spent most of my days. Jokes aside, the Fiume Speakeasy is located in West Philly and is an absolute gem of a spot for a first date. There’s something smooth and sexy about a speakeasy that gets people in the mood. It’s classy, it’s warm, and it’s a bit divey. There is live music on the weekends that sets the tone for an intimate date night.

It has a huge selection of beer, and the bartenders are experts at making craft cocktails, specifically with whiskey. The food is great too and has vegan and vegetarian options for your choosing. The bar doesn’t have a phone number, website, or even any signage. It’s about as authentic of a speakeasy as you’ll find anywhere in the country.

SPIN Philadelphia

SPIN Philly is a bar completely dedicated to ping-pong. Take your date here to investigate if they have a competitive side. There is nothing better to break the ice than a friendly game of ping-pong. You can quickly learn a lot about a person by playing with them. Do they have a sweet side and let you win? Do they get angry when you score points?

SPIN even has dedicated ball boys/girls to pick up your missed shots. It helps encourage some flirty competition without the pain of having to chase balls around the joint. Games start at just $9. Come for a game and hang out afterward for drinks at the bar.

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