Dating and Hookups in Jacksonville

Overall rating 7.5
Attractiveness Rating 8.0
Chance of Hooking Up 7.5
Fun Rating 7.0
Fitness Rating 6.5
Safety Rating 5.0
Male to Female Ratio .98
Average Date Price $115.99
Most Popular Dating App Tinder
Unmarried Population 54%
College Educated 32%
Identify as Religious 56%

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The largest city in the Sunshine State and the largest city by area in the continental US is Jacksonville, Florida. With over 850 square miles of breathtaking beaches, the dating scene is filled with sun-kissed bodies that are kept in great physical shape. Florida is known for its ‘anything goes’ approach and all-around wackiness, and Jacksonville is no exception.

The women and men in Jacksonville are known for their one-night stands and flirtatious behavior. But be careful, Jacksonville ranks as one of the top cities for cases of sexually transmitted diseases, so wear protection at all times. If you’re looking for just a hook-up, then Jacksonville is one of the best spots in the United States. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, then you may have to make your rounds before you find the right fit to bring home to the parents.

Jacksonville sits tight up against the ocean in the northeast corner of the state. It’s about as close to the Georgia border as you can get. Southern Florida has a pretty bad reputation for whack jobs, but Jacksonville is far enough away from all of that methed up hillbilly nonsense that you read about online. You know what I’m talking about – the articles that start with ‘Florida Man…’ and the picture is some guy with missing teeth.

The city is only 25 miles from the Georgia border and 328 miles from Miami. Its extensive coastline and well-established harbors made it a major military deep-water port. The ports are home to the Naval Station Mayport, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, the Marine’s Blount Island Command, and the Port of Jacksonville. Altogether, these military bases make up the third-largest military presence in the entire United States.

Demographically, Jacksonville is mainly white at 59.4%. African Americans make up the next 30.7%. Hispanics make up 7.7% while Asians make up only 2.8%. Only 13.4% of Jacksonville locals are 65 years of age or older. This is a stark contrast from the rest of Florida, and it means that the city is filled with a young and hip crowd. Ladies love the beach life which is demonstrated by the 51.6% female ratio. Men, for once the ratio is on your side!

The climate is classified as humid subtropical. The summers are hot and humid, and the winters are warm and a bit drier. Instead of a traditional summer and winter, Jacksonville experiences a wet and a dry season. The wet season is concentrated from May through September where daily but brief rainfalls are common along with lightning storms.

If you’re LGBTQ+, then Jacksonville is not an ideal spot for you. According to local surveys, LGBTQ+ residents overwhelming do not recommend Jacksonville as a place to live. They feel that the city does do well with diversity and its laws are reflective of that. Unfortunately, most of Florida aside from Miami tends to be this way.

Where to meet singles in Jacksonville

Where to meet singles in Jacksonville

Below are some suggestions on where to locate other singles to socialize with in Jacksonville:

Jacksonville Beach

You’ll notice that most Jacksonville natives hang out at the beaches. Not only during the day are beaches hot spots, but they are great fun at night as well. Jacksonville Beach is a favorite with its free daytime live music, great selection of restaurants, cute shops, and electric nightlife. The only downside is that it can get quite crowded during nice days and is also quite touristy.

Lynch’s Irish Pub is one of the best bars in town. It offers free live music, tons of beer on tap, and quirky décor. Surfer [The Bar] is another great place with beachy vibes to hang out at. Surfer offers great cocktails and casual Mexican food. Both bars turn into popular hangout spots at night where you’re guaranteed to run into other singles. Everyone is talkative and happy at beachy bars like this and it’s always easy to strike up a conversation.

Neptune Beach

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are two beaches on this list. A quieter beach with less traffic is Neptune Beach. Jacksonville Beach can get a little too crazy with the young crowd. If that’s not your thing, then Neptune Beach is the place to go. Neptune beach is the place to go if you want to meet a single for the long-haul.

If you have a dog, then you absolutely must stop by the BrewHound. It’s a simple concept – bring your dog and drink beer. There’s not a better conversation starter than a dog. They are man’s best friend for a reason and also man’s best wingman. BrewHound is a popular spot for singles to hang out at.


If you’re sick of shaking the sand out of your shoes, then head downtown to The Elbow district. The Elbow is Jacksonville’s prized entertainment district. It’s got popular nightlife spots like Bold City Brewery, delicious eateries like Headroom, and five music halls to choose from. It’s a walkable and pedestrian-friendly area that is incredibly diverse and inclusive.

The music venues all tend to cycle through different genres so keep your eye out for a show that suits your taste. This is your best bet at meeting another single that you can relate to. If you’re up for a good laugh, then head over to the Laugh Lounge. There’s not a nicer more welcoming crowd of people in all of Jacksonville than what you’ll find at Laugh Lounge.

Hookups in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is one of the best places in the country to land one-night stands. Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

First Date Ideas in Jacksonville

So, you landed a date at one of the beaches recommended above or at The Elbow and you’re looking for first date ideas. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

Sailing Charters

It’s only natural to take your date out on the open water in Jacksonville. If you don’t have a boat of your own, then take your date out on a sailing charter. Even if you have a boat of your own, taking your date out on a charter is risk-free in case you plan on drinking. You’ll have a professional captain at your disposal on a charter.

A sailing charter usually lasts several hours and there are typically other passengers aboard. You’ll be isolated on a boat with just your new date and forced to dive deep into a conversation without much distraction. And for a pro tip: schedule a sunset charter for extra romance.

Park Dates

Jacksonville boasts the largest urban park system in the United States. That means that there are nearly endless free date opportunities to take advantage of if you are on a budget. The Timucuan Preserve is made up of over 46,000 acres of wetlands and waterways. State Parks like Amelia Island State Park and Big Talbot Island State Park are great date spots with beach access. Check out the Friendship Fountain at St. John’s River Park to see one of the world’s largest and tallest fountains.

Our recommendation is to pick out a park of your choice and watch its event schedule. There are many free live shows and pop-up festivals of all shapes and sizes. From art festivals to food festivals, to music festivals… and all for free!

Keg and Coin

If your date is a beer nerd and an actual nerd, then you’ll blow them away by taking them to Keg and Coin. It’s a divey beer bar with over 15 beers on top and an entire row of refrigerators with canned beer to choose from. In addition to its amazing selection of brews, it doubles as a vintage arcade game bar.

Happy hour is from 12 PM – 4 PM Mondays through Thursday. Each night has a different theme: Monday is Smash Bros, Tuesday is retro consoles, Wednesday is a killer queen drunken draft, Thursday is a foosball night with a DJ, and Saturday hosts cartoons in the morning.

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