Dating and Hookups in Houston

Overall rating 6.5
Attractiveness Rating 6.5
Chance of Hooking Up 7.0
Fun Rating 6.0
Fitness Rating 6.0
Safety Rating 5.5
Male to Female Ratio 1:1
Average Date Price $110.99
Most Popular Dating App Match
Unmarried Population 56%
College Educated 50%
Identify as Religious 70%

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Houston, we have a problem… and it’s not the dating scene. With a population of over 2,300,000, Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth-largest city in the United States. Houston’s almost overwhelmingly large population means that there are more than enough singles in the area to go around.

The ladies in Houston are known for their blonde hair, blue eyes, and a strong sense of independence. The men, on the other hand, are known for their chivalry and kind-hearted nature. Both have sexy southern drawls and pride for the city and state that they live in. And in case you were wondering, it’s true… everything is bigger in Texas!

Houston is known as the world capital of space exploration, air conditioning, natural gas, and capital punishment. The city has been rapidly growing in the renewable energy sector as well as the technology sector. Economically, Houston is considered a global city and is a top U.S. market for exports, even surpassing New York City.

The odds are evenly spread between men and women as females make up 50.1% of the population whereas men make up 49.9% of the population. Houston is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse spots in the United States with a 43.7% Latino population, a 31.7% African American population, a 21.6% Caucasian population, and a 7% Asian population. It’s one of the few ‘majority-minority’ cities in the country.

There’s a ton of pride in Houston, and I’m not talking about pride for the country. Houston hosts one of the largest pride parades in the country and boasts one of the largest and friendliest LGBTQ+ communities in the country. In fact, Houston elected the very first openly lesbian mayor in 2009. The community is deeply entrenched in the Montrose neighborhood.

The climate in Houston is considered humid subtropical. The heat exceeds 90 degrees on an average of 107 days per year. The winters are incredibly mild with an average temperature of 53 degrees. Its proximity to the Gulf Coast (about 30 miles) and high average rainfall puts Houston at risk for flooding and hurricanes.

Where to meet singles in Houston

Where to meet singles in Houston

Singles are scattered throughout Houston, but give these recommendations a try first:


Montrose is much than just the epicenter of the LBGTQ+ community. Back in the 1980s, it was almost an exclusively gay neighborhood. Since then, it’s become a major cultural area in Houston known for its hipsters, art, and nightlife. Montrose is an ‘anything goes’ neighborhood filled with neon-lit tattoo parlors, 24-hour cafés, and art galleries.

The ‘anything goes’ attitude in Montrose is unbeatable for singles. Ladies and men are in this neighborhood are always down for a good time and aren’t the least bit afraid to spark up conversations with strangers.

Boheme is the most popular bar/restaurant in the area. It’s an artsy wine bar with a massive patio that fills up on the weekends. Poison Girl is another funky joint that’s great for cocktails and games like pinball. Poison Girl was voted a top bar in Houston in 2020 and has been crawling with singles as of lately.

The best part about Montrose is its bed and breakfast-style hotels throughout the four-square-mile area. Montrose Suites and Modern B & B are adorable hotels to stumble back to with your new date after a long night out. You’ll also get a killer breakfast in the morning to help cure that hangover.

West University

You’re probably thinking that a spot known for its proximity to a University is a hot spot for bro-violence and ratchet behavior. West University of Houston is the complete opposite and is a surprisingly chill place to meet fresh-faced individuals to kick it with. This walkable area is quickly building a reputation in Houston as the ‘place to be’.

The West University area got its name from its proximity due west to Rice University, which is a small and private research school known for its engineering programs. It’s also close to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Texas Medical Center. The area is filled with down-to-earth individuals that are looking to unwind after intense work weeks or study days.

There are a series of great pubs including Cru Food and Wine Bar, Little Woodrow’s, and The Ginger Man. The Ginger man is a mix of charm and friendliness with live Irish music thrown into the mix. Each of these recommendations are casual spots to meet chilled-out singles who are over their party days. At West University, you’ll meet someone that you can be proud to take home to meet your parents.

Washington Avenue

If you’re looking for a Houston single that lives and breathes the Texan persona, then look no further than Washington Avenue. Washington Avenue is lined with honky-tonk bars for your choosing. If that’s not your thing, then no worries because Washington Avenue has some of the liveliest, eclectic see-and-be-seen clubs in all of Houston.

Daisy Dukes is a western-styled club where you’ll find the Houston gentleman or blonde bombshell of your dreams. It’s a boot scootin’, long-neck drinkin’, and people watchin’ kind of place. At Daisy Dukes, there are always other singles to reach out to and dance the night away with.

Haze Nightclub is located just above Axis Sports Bar. Axis Sports Bar is the place to be on college game day. This bar is crawling with frat girls and boys who love to party. If you can hang into the night of game day, Haze Nightclub on the second floor turns into a high-energy venue with hip-hop music, dance music, and top 40 music

Hookups in Houston

Only one thing on your mind? Check out these spots in Houston for the best luck:

First Date Ideas in Houston

If you used one of our above recommendations to land a date and need help planning it, then take a look at some of our first date ideas below:

Miller Outdoor Theatre

Free is great. Free is especially great when you’re taking someone out on a date and don’t have to pay for two. The Miller Outdoor Theatre is not only free but is flat out one of the best spots to hang out at in all of Houston from March through November.

Grab a blanket, some picnic food, and a bottle of wine and head over to the Miller Outdoor Theatre and check out free classical jazz, ethnic music, dance, ballet, Shakespeare, musical theater, and even films. Many free venues like this prohibit food and alcohol, but the Miller Outdoor Theatre has a BYOB policy that allows visitors to bring their own food and alcohol.

Keep an eye on their website for upcoming events. Some events require ticketing and assigned seating, but it is still free. You’ll just have to be proactive and reserve your spot ahead of time. At the Miller Outdoor Theatre, there is likely a performance that you and your date will enjoy with how diverse the lineup is.

Discovery Green

Tucked within the heart of the Downtown Houston area is where you’ll find Discovery Green, which is a 12-acre multi-use green space that is home to superb beer gardens, happy hours, free live performances, and monthly markets. Discovery Green is also littered with rotating art installations throughout the greenspace so there’s something new to see every time, even if you’ve been there before.

If you’re visiting in the winter, then head over to Kinder Lake. Kinder Lake freezes over and offers ice skating for a small fee. If it’s not the winter, then Kinder Lake is still awesome to hang out at as it features water gardens and a pool with remote-controlled water crafts to mess around with. Head to The Lake House for casual eateries with spectacular views of Kinder Lake.

The Galleria Water Wall

If you want to blow your date out of the water, then end your night at the Water Wall. This 64-foot fountain sits amongst 186 ancient oak trees at the base of the nearby Williams Tower. The Water Wall is the most picturesque spot in Houston and is considered its most photographed site.

The Galleria is also a shopping mall near the Uptown area. Go shopping and pick any bar or restaurant nearby to spend time at. You really can’t go wrong with the Galleria Area. We recommend the Oceanaire Seafood Room for dinner and The Pub Galleria.

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