Dating and Hookups in Chicago

Overall rating 7.5
Attractiveness Rating 8.0
Chance of Hooking Up 7.5
Fun Rating 8.0
Fitness Rating 5.5
Safety Rating 4.0
Male to Female Ratio .98
Average Date Price $157.32
Most Popular Dating App Tinder
Unmarried Population 54%
College Educated 46%
Identify as Religious 59%

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There are very few cities that can match all that Chicago, Illinois has to offer anybody, let alone somebody that is single and looking to date. Chi-town is a magical place to be and there is enough to keep you and your date entertained every single day. Whether you are looking to go for drinks, go for a walk by the lake, go to a professional sports game, or anything else you can think of, it is here in the country’s 3rd most populous city.

As you start to think about your dating experience in Chicago, make sure you stop to be thankful for whatever circumstances lead you to live in such a wonderful place. The city is known for its wide variety of cultural activities, amazing places to eat, engaging events to frequent throughout the year, and numerous nationally recognizable establishments.

If you had a choice of cities in which to start dating, you would be hard-pressed to find many cities that are better than Chicago, Illinois. Have fun, get out there, and start meeting some people.

Where to meet singles in Chicago

Where to meet singles in Chicago

As you prepare to get out there and date, you have so many choices to make. No matter how you want to approach the dating scene in Chicago, you cannot go wrong. With that said, it is time for you to go out and discover some of the amazing things there are to do in Illinois’ most recognized city. If you are seeking to take the old “go out for some drinks“ approach, you will find it all over the place. However, you need to go to Mi Tocaya Antojeria in Logan Square. This establishment is most well-known for its unique takes on cocktails and bottled beers. If that was not enough, their Mexican food is outrageously delicious. If you’re seeking something a little fancier, then make a reservation and go to RPM Seafood in River North. This critically acclaimed restaurant provides top-notch service, amazing seafood, and an ambiance that is perfect for an aspiring romantic.

If you have found yourself a sports aficionado for a date, then you are in luck, my friend. Chicago is one of only a few cities throughout the United States that can say it has access to the five major sports teams in four professional leagues. These teams are the Cubs (MLB), White Sox (MLB), Bulls (NBA), Bears (NFL) and Blackhawks (NHL). You will have plenty to cheer if your team is not doing so well, head on over to Wrigleyville and drink your sorrows away.

If you and your date are more cultural or into the arts, you will not be disappointed with the various options throughout the city. Moreover, you’ll be extremely delighted! An amazing place to visit with your date is the Smart Museum of Art in Hyde Park. This institution is home to college’s collection of fine arts and iniquities, which include various scrolls and ceramics from across the world.

Hookups in Chicago

If you’re looking to have more of a “no strings attached“ kind of date, there are plenty of people who would be open to spending extra time with you. Chicago has no shortage of nightlife spots that tend to cater nicely to this kind of fun.

If you’re looking for a classy person that is open to going home with you tonight, then stop by the River North bar at the ACME Hotel called Bunny Slope. You know it is a happening place when the place has an actual hot tub. This exclusive establishment is well frequented by some of the sexiest people around. Now, if you are looking to dance to the beat at the club, the Windy City has plenty to offer. An establishment that welcomes all to get up close and personal on the dance floor is Sound Bar. The club has 9 full service bars, while laser lights and ceiling video projection walls illuminate every inch of the 4,000 square foot dance floor.

If you are seeking more of a traditional place to go and pick up somebody, there are numerous pubs, breweries, and lounges to do your thing. One of the most frequented is The Cove Lounge in Hyde Park. This establishment is most well known for offering a wide variety of drinks and a more intimate sitting area that allows the magic to then happen. Additionally, this lounge has a wide variety of singles that are just looking to have fun.

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First Date Ideas in Chicago

As you all know, the first dates are very different from most other dates. Some people feel comfortable approaching it the same way every time. However, others want to get creative on dates. Either way, Chicago has what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking to create a no-pressure feel for your first date, consider going to a drive-in movie theater, specifically ChiTown Movies in Pilsen. This establishment is a great way to get you chatting about the movie and snacking on some treats from ChiTown Grille.

Another safe play when thinking about a first date is having a picnic and going for a leisurely walk. One of the best places to do this is the Lakefront Trail near Grant Park. Anytime you decide to go is a great time however, if you happen to go in March, you will get the opportunity to take part in the St. Patrick’s Day festival that takes place yearly on the Chicago River. The river is dyed green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Watch the lake turn green on your first day, you’ll never forget it.

One of the best states that anybody can have is taking part in Chicago’s amazing cuisine. You have not lived unless you have had Chicago-style pizza. There is an argument about whether it is better than New York style pizza so now you and your first date need to go to research this for yourselves. The best place to acquire some data is Lou Malnati’s in Lincolnwood. They are better known for their original Chicago deep-dish pizza. There is enough cheese on this pie to satisfy both you and your date.

Outside Date Ideas in Chicago

Date ideas in Chicago

As you continue to think of things to do in the city, you should find different dates ideas that take place outside. Fortunately for you and your date, you will have no shortage of options in this department. When the weather is beautiful outside, there’s nothing like taking a blanket and some snacks and a picnic at The Great Lawn at Millennium Park. This area is one of the most recognized areas in the entire city. After you are done with your picnic, you and your date can take a leisurely walk to look for some sweets.

Are you looking to get your heart rate going? Great news, there are a ton of places in Chicago that can help you accomplish this. Start off with an early morning to get together and take part in some yoga. Specifically, Sun & Moon Beach Yoga at North Avenue. Here, you will take part in stretches and yoga poses, while taking in an amazing view from the beach. Keep in mind, if your date is not going as well as you would like, then take solace in knowing that you are in one of the most beautiful cities with a majestic view. Life is good!

Chicago is a city that is blessed with many things to do throughout the city which includes taking in the outdoors. You and your date should take up a hike at the North Branch Trail. This area is comprised of 16 miles of scenic view that also has numerous eateries along the way. Who knows, maybe during your walk you find out that you and your date have more in common than you initially thought.

If eating delicious treats is a must for you and your partner in crime, then go by Firecake Donuts and order yourself some cake donuts. Your mouth should be watering by now! Fortunately for you and your date, you can get your sweet treats and go for a walk next to Lake Michigan.

In Summary

Part of the challenge that many singles face in today’s dating scene is either the ability to connect with people or finding fun things to do in their local community. Well, Chicagoans do not have this issue at all! If you live and date in Chicago, you have access to a wide range of diverse people, with different likes and interests. You also have so much to do in a city that offers everything. That is what ultimately makes Chicago such an amazing place to date!

As you begin your dating journey, take the time to identify what it is that you are truly seeking. Once you have figured that out, then it is time to go find that person that you will take on your date. Then it is time to find something fun to do with them. Be patient with it all, as dating in Chicago will be so a great experience. Enjoy! If you have any experience with dating in Chicago, or want to offer some dating ideas, leave a comment below!

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