Dating and Hookups in Boston

Overall rating 7.0
Attractiveness Rating 7.5
Chance of Hooking Up 7.0
Fun Rating 7.0
Fitness Rating 6.0
Safety Rating 7.5
Male to Female Ratio .94
Average Date Price $131.00
Most Popular Dating App Tinder
Unmarried Population 67%
College Educated 50%
Identify as Religious 62%

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As you consider all of the wonderful places to visit and travel, you must have Boston, Massachusetts up near the top of your list. Boston is one of the oldest municipalities in the entire country and it has a rich history because of it. Aside from all the historical significance the city plays in the region, it also happens to be the most populous city in the New England area. Given that such is the case, there are many people who are ready to meet you for a date out on the town.

A few additional details to know about Boston. Outside of Silicon Valley, this area is very well known for its technology sector, educational institutions, and overall scientific research work. Since the city is located near the coast, it tends to have much cooler temperatures than other locales. In an average year, it will have over 40 inches of precipitation with much of that being snow. So all that does for you as a dating single person is remind you to bundle up to stay warm and find somebody that is willing to share their body heat as well.

Where to meet singles in Boston

Where to meet singles in Boston

As you begin your dating adventure, you need to stop to take a layout of the dating scene prior to beginning. There is so much to do in this great city that you need to be strategic about how you will go about doing it. The great thing about planning to get on and date up in Boston is that you will not be able to accomplish all that the city offers. However, you should definitely do all you can to get in as many varied experiences as you can. If you do it correctly, you will be busy often and have the opportunity to meet awesome people in the process.

Since Boston is in such an expansive metropolitan region it makes sense that there are so many establishments to visit. Whether you prefer picturesque encounters of architecture, your favorite Cheers-style pub, or a night of fine dining, here in Boston you can find it all and more. If that was not enough, you can’t forget to stop over by the sea and get some clam chowder. It is a delicious treat but there is still so much to do. Let’s get this historical dating trip started.

As you begin your dating experience in Boston, you must figure out how you are going to go about making an impression on that special someone. If your approach is more of a casual one, then stop by the Lamplighter Brewing Company. Here you will find your favorite types of beer while also engaging in some good all trivia fun. If you are going for more of your romantic approach on a date, you need to check out your Yvonne’s Restaurant and Supper Club. This establishment provides a dark and intimate environment with food and drinks that will not disappoint your date.

You cannot go wrong with dinner and drinks yet maybe you are aspiring to impress with something a bit more casual. One of Boston’s most beloved establishments to take in a flick is Coolidge Corner Theatre in the Brookline neighborhood. This is not your standard theater as it specializes in documentary and independent films. Find yourself a date that enjoys these films and you have found yourself a great night of conversations as well with this lucky somebody.

Find yourself a sports buff for a date, then you are in luck, my friend. Boston is one of few cities throughout the United States that can say it has access to the four major sports professional leagues. These teams are the Red Sox (MLB), Celtics (NBA), Patriots (NFL), and the Bruins (NHL). Cheer away for your favorite team or boo your most hated rival. With a sports fan by your side, this date will be one to remember.

If you are up for some daytime fun, Boston has multiple options for you to engage in. Moreover, there are some rather tasty tours to look into. Specifically, the Bites of Boston Food Tours. The aspect that makes this such an entertaining date is that it is a walking tour that doesn’t involve trying to impress your date with old-fashioned table manners.

Hookups in Boston

As is most widely known, Boston can get awfully cold at various points of the year. If you are seeking warmth from a partner with a no-strings attached kind of feel, then Boston has that side of affection as well. A must-visit establishment when looking for a nightly rendezvous is Lucky’s Lounge. This joint in the Fort Point area is not known as lucky for no reason. If your hook-up move is more formal that requires you to throw on your best threads then you will have to stop and visit The Liberty at Beacon Hill. This establishment offers four separate bar areas that allow for all sorts of action to take place. You will have a good time finding your favorite bar within The Liberty.

If you are looking for more of a place to find that special somebody by the ocean, you will find some prospects over at Lolita Back Bay. This place offers great margaritas and tons of nooks and crannies to spend some alone time with your new best friend for the night.

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First Date Ideas in Boston

First dates can be stressful but Boston offers various safe bets on having a fun date without all the extra angst. If you would like to get competitive on your first date, take your competition over to game night at Knight Moves Cafe. Nothing like a friendly game of Battleship to get your juices going.

A safe move on a first date is going out to a movie. Where you will be heading, it is not just any movie theater. This is one of the fanciest theaters you can find in the entire United States so make sure you take in a flick at the first opportunity you have.

One of the great advantages of dating in such an area full of culture is that there is so much culture to explore. With that being said, a great first date is awaiting over at Shakespeare on the Common. Aside from taking in a wonderful show, you are welcome to bring blankets and snacks for a picnic during the show.

As you are finalizing your first date, make sure you take the time to determine if you want a second date with this new person. If they were fun during the first date, they will surely be fun for the second date and beyond.

Outside Date Ideas in Boston

Date ideas in Boston

Although Boston can be quite frigid at times during the year, there are still many things to do throughout the year to enjoy the amazing scenery. One of the most unique dates you can experience is Curling and Cocktails over at the Liberty Hotel. Feel free to bring a group to join you both as the more the merrier.

This next date experience is not technically outside all of the time but it does incorporate some outside time, weather permitting. Join your date, bright and early in the morning to take part in some exercise over at Daybreaker Boston. Not only does it start with yoga but then breaks out into a 2-hour dance party.

If you are looking at getting some more romantic exercise in with your partner, head on over to Gondola di Venezia on the Charles River. This will feel like you are in Italy while still being near your favorite Massachusetts pubs.

There are so many more outdoor experiences to still visit so make sure you set some time aside with a special somebody to have fun at your favorite outside venue of your choice. When you are looking to connect with somebody during a date, there is something about being out in nature that can help create a bond with another person if there is a connection, to begin with. If the connection is not there, don’t fret as there are many fish in the sea in the commonwealth.

In Summary

When you are looking to find that special somebody, you will have to look in various places to find the one that will bring you the company you so desire. Fortunately for you, Boston offers so many options in the way of people and establishments to visit. As your dating adventure continues, keep in mind that you will tend to learn about new places to visit along the way. The goal is to find that partner in crime that is open to taking in those experiences with you.

As you work to find that special somebody, make sure you take the time to enjoy the ride along the way. With what Boston, Massachusetts offers, you will not have a difficult time finding people and things to do up in the Northeast.

If you have any experience with dating in Boston, or want to offer some dating ideas, leave a comment below!

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