Dating and Hookups in Austin

Overall rating 8.0
Attractiveness Rating 8.0
Chance of Hooking Up 7.0
Fun Rating 7.5
Fitness Rating 8.0
Safety Rating 7.0
Male to Female Ratio .99
Average Date Price $110.90
Most Popular Dating App Tinder
Unmarried Population 58%
College Educated 46%
Identify as Religious 52%

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As you consider the dating scene, it is crucial to take into account the setting. Austin, Texas is a beautiful city, the capital of the Lone Star State. Being single and dating in Texas’ capital city is definitely a good thing. A few things to know about this lovely city: it is the home to the University of Texas at Austin, it is the prime location for the annual South by Southwest music festival, and during the mid-2010’s it was considered to be the fastest-growing large city in the United States. The city itself experiences somewhat hot summers and mild winters which are perfect for the dating scene throughout the year.

Austin is known as one of the most diverse, accepting, and enjoyable cities to both visit or live in. The demographics have continued to shift over the years in a way that has led to the city becoming a diverse and welcoming environment for many different ethnicities and groups. Back in 2012, Austin was recognized by The Advocate as part of its Gayest Cities in America while also receiving another award for being one of America’s Best Cities for Gay Travel. There is so much to do here for everybody seeking to date, so let’s get started.

Where to meet singles in Austin

Where to meet singles in Austin

Being single has a few challenges, however, being single in Austin, Texas is definitely a benefit. The great thing about being in Austin is that there are so many places to meet other single people. Whether you decide to visit Lake Austin or go down to 5th Street to have a few libations, you can’t go wrong with all there is to do and all the people there are to meet. There are a few places you definitely need to prioritize for a date.

The first stop in our dating expedition is to go with the traditional, “Let’s grab a drink” version of dating. There are various establishments that will work great for a date but you really need to consider visiting Jester King Brewery in Hill Country. If the drinks were not good enough on their own, your company will appreciate the amazing scenic location this establishment offers. If you and your date are more of a whiskey and gin kind of people, then you will have to stop by at Still Austin Whiskey. Here you will have the opportunity to see why it is considered a local favorite, which offers on-site food and spacious space to enjoy the scene.

When thinking about unique date ideas, we have had to get more creative now given the limitations that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. With that being said, I would like to reintroduce you to drive-in movies. As you travel south of the city limits, you’ll run into Doc’s Drive-In Theatre. You and your date can take in classics like Grease or the Exorcist while sipping on some Merlots in your vehicle. Sounds like a fun time at the movies in your vehicle!

If you are looking for some good daytime clean dating fun, look no further than Peter Pan Mini-Golf. This mini-golf course has been around since 1948 and is a popular place to have dates per many Austinites. Keep in mind, if you are choosing to have your date fun here, you must allow your date to win the match. By following this advice, you may land a follow-up date at one of the many available date spots throughout Austin and its surrounding areas.

Hooking up in Austin

Austin is a city that also takes part in hook-up culture and there are a number of places to frequent if this is up your alley. One place that you will have to give a visit to is 6th street, which is also known as “Dirty Sixth” for its singles hookup spots. An establishment that provides a prime opportunity for singles, while also providing a classy environment to do so is the Driskill Hotel & Bar. This historical landmark exudes a traditional and respectful representation of Texas as a whole. However, if your speed is more of that of taking in some live music, you will need to stop by The Parish. Recognized as one of the best music establishments in town, you may be fortunate enough to run into top-quality music talent performing at a minimal price to that of what you would pay if you saw them while they were touring.

We must not forget that older folks like to get into the hookup scene as well and a place in Austin where you can go find this type of action is the W Hotel. Here you will find people dressed up to the nines so come with your A-game if you are looking to impress.

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First Date Ideas in Austin

When considering first date ideas, there are various paths you can seek to follow. There are cool and trendy bars to visit, you can stop by the local organic juicery, or you can take a leisurely walk along Lake Austin. There are no right or wrong answers, the only answer there is based on what you decide to do. Here are some creative 1st date ideas that will impress your date to agree to a second date.

If going fancy is the path you are looking to follow, may we recommend a restaurant that was identified as one of the best restaurants in the country by Bon Appétit magazine: Introducing Emmer & Rye. This eating establishment has seasonally inspired cuisine that changes daily. Imagine how good your food has to be for it to be highly recognized AND it changes daily? Honestly, I don’t blame you if your mouth is watering now. Please don’t let your date see that as it might affect your 2nd date chances.

Given all of the amazing scenery that Austin provides, it would make sense to use that for your 1st date. Schedule a visit to Lady Bird Lake and sign up to work together to kayak across the lake. Research has shown that working together to accomplish a physical task leads to a subconscious bond between people. Make sure you keep the kayak upright and you may be in line for a 2nd date.

One of the most unique 1st date ideas is becoming involved in comedic improv games. There is nothing like laughter that reduces date anxiety so take part in all the action at the Hideout Theater. Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, pencil in a visit to the theater on a Wednesday as shows are free and you are welcome to participate in the show. Who knows, maybe you identify a secret comedic acting skill you have been repressing for many years now that will lead to a 2nd date.

Outside Date Ideas in Austin

Date ideas in Austin

Austin is a city that is blessed with many things to do throughout the city yet the outdoor spaces are just as amazing if not more. The beauty of the city’s outdoor spaces and overall natural scenery is breathtaking. This is a perfect place to plan an outdoor date. When seeking to take part in a date nature hike, you cannot go wrong by taking a lovely jaunty along the trails at Ann and Roy Butler’s Hike and Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake. While walking along the picturesque lake, you will have the perfect view of the city’s skyline.

If you are seeking the best of the best hiking, you need to take your date to the Barton Creek Greenbelt. These 13 miles of trails have been rated one of the best hiking spots in the entire state of Texas. In case you were not aware, Texas is humongous so that is truly saying something!

If you decide to make your date less hiking and more eating delicious treats, then you must take a nice walk along South Congress Avenue. During your walk, you will run into numerous shops to bring love to your taste buds but the one place you need to go out of your way to visit is Amy’s Ice Creams. Your sweet tooth will thank you for the visit!

In Summary

Dating in today’s modern technological world offers so many options that it can overwhelm many in the scene. However, keep in mind that if you are fortunate to be dating in Austin or want to start dating in Austin, you will have access to plenty of people that are single and ready to mingle. Not only will you have your chance with these people, but you will also have countless dating activities to engage in throughout the city. Your options are limitless in this wonderful city that offers iconic restaurants, gorgeous scenic experiences, cool and trendy bars, music, music, and more music. Honestly, that is only naming a few of the dating options that you have when being single in Austin, Texas. As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and when referencing the dating scene and the many options available for those dating, this phrase cannot be more true. If you have any experience with dating in Austin, or want to offer some dating ideas, leave a comment below!

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