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When you have your eye on a beautiful Colombian woman you might be wondering how to approach her. Don't stress, you might be able to impress her. Colombian women have cultures, interests, and values that might be slightly different from yours. Let’s talk about some of the qualities Colombian women look for in the men they choose to date. Respect her preferences and celebrate her as a strong, unique Latina that has stolen your heart. Don’t let cultural barriers stop you from finding your perfect one.

Cross-cultural dating has its ups and downs and you should familiarize yourself with possible differences if you want to have a successful relationship. You want to start things off on the right foot. Get used to being late because Colombian women are known for it, it's common in Colombian culture. You might even try finding your perfect date online. Lots of women that don’t want to look for men in the nightclub scene look to dating sites for romance. There are even dating sites that specifically cater to helping Colombian women find their perfect match.

Tips For Dating A Colombian Woman

What Are Colombian Women Like?

Aside from being blessed with gorgeous, voluptuous figures and perfectly tanned skin. They have beautiful dark eyes and hair. Most Colombian women dress well and take pride in their appearances. Their style exudes class and elegance.

Colombian women love being social and blending with groups, they enjoy meeting new people. Dancing is very popular and many Colombian women enjoy getting out on the dance floor. If you can't dance you might want to learn.

Colombian women are usually family-oriented and typically have traditional values about the roles of men and women in relationships. If she takes you home to meet her parents this could be a very important moment. Make a good impression and be respectful. She might take a lot of stock in the way her parents feel about you.

Colombian women are passionate and give all of their love to their partners. They are faithful and sometimes even jealous when they think their partner is getting too cozy with another woman. They expect commitment and loyalty from their man. Many Colombians are also Roman Catholic, you may be introduced to some new customs if she is religious.

What NOT To Say To Colombian Women

When making conversation with your Colombian love interest, don’t make stereotypical comments. There have been lots of false statements made about Colombian women that simply aren't true. You don't want to offend your date by bringing up a subject that upsets her.

People associate Colombia with drug dealers and cocaine. Just because you're from Colombia doesn't mean that you have any association with drugs. It isn't a dangerous country and is actually a very safe place to visit. It isn't just a tropical paradise either. Colombia has many regions and a diverse climate.

Some people think every Colombian woman looks like a gorgeous, perfect supermodel. Women aren't limited to their physical beauty and everyone has unique physical characteristics.

Don’t compare Colombia to Mexico. It is an entirely different country with its unique history, culture, cuisine, and cooking styles. If you expect to win over her tastebuds with tacos and spicy tamales this is probably not even close to what she would eat at home.

Don't expect her to talk a certain way. Not all accents sound the same. With different areas of Colombia come different regional accents and dialects. There are many variations of the Spanish language.

Don't mistake having an open, friendly attitude for being easy to sleep with. Just because a Colombian woman is friendly to you doesn't mean she wants to jump in the sack with you. If you make all the right moves and the chemistry is right, the connection between the two of you should flow and progress naturally.

Colombian Woman

What Colombian Women Want In A Partner

Colombian women are loving and passionate about their relationships. They are monogamous and possessive lovers. They want to have a grip on their man and know that she is the only woman in his world. Colombian women are committed and faithful lovers and expect the same from their partners.

Colombian women value family connections and form strong personal bonds with loved ones. They might be looking forward to building a family of their own someday. She might want to know what direction you're planning to take in life or what you might see for yourself in the future. Indulge your Colombian enchantress and do things that make her happy.

Figure out what makes her smile and make a point to support her. Take her to the places you enjoy together and make your time together memorable and meaningful. Remind her often that her charm fascinates you and show her how you feel about her. Seduce her, spontaneously dance with her, buy her flowers just because you want to.

Be genuine with your feelings for her and be loyal to her. Try to be available to her when she needs you so she knows she can always depend on you. Colombian women love having a strong protector. Always be a gentleman in the way you treat her. Open doors for her, be kind, and always put her first. Don’t have a wandering eye, she should be the focus of your attention. In return, she will be devoted and give her all to you.

Meeting Colombian Women Online

If you can’t make it to Colombia or a state with a high Colombian population, you might try your luck with online dating. You can always download Bumble or Tinder and purchase the premium versions so you can swipe in Colombia, but you can also try a site like Colombian Cupid. Just be smart and don’t start sending money to someone you have never met. We have heard some horror stories. But besides that, any of those options will work great for meeting a nice Colombian woman. But be aware to speak to any woman on Colombian Cupid, you must purchase a premium membership.

In Summary

If you're thinking about asking a Colombian woman out on a date, try not to be intimidated. If you don't take a chance you will never know what might have been. Be mindful but also be yourself and show her who you really are as a person. Latina women are beautiful and mysterious.

Be open with her and don’t be a cad. You should try to learn a little bit about her culture and interests and be a gentleman. Treat her with respect and enjoy yourself. If your personalities fit together well, you just might have a match.

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