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What Are Brazilian Women Like? What Are Brazilian Women Looking For? Where to Meet Brazillian Women

Brazilian women - The words alone evoke images of Victoria's Secret models, Bikini ready bodies, and passionate lovers that will keep you rolling in the sheets until dawn; but there's more to these exotic vixens than meets the eye. Choosing to have a romantic relationship with these women means a whole new cultural experience, which can be an adjustment for many Americans. With that being said, here are ten things you should know about Brazilian women

What Are Brazilian Women Like?

They're Family Oriented

Family relationships are crucial for Brazilians, and if it's going to work between the two of you, those relationships need to be important to you too. Forget waiting months or years to meet mom and dad, these loving people are so focused on family relationships, you might be meeting the parents within the first two weeks! Does that sound intimidating? It shouldn't. It's completely normal to them, and if you show up to a family barbecue and you're cheerfully greeted by her grandparents and cousins too, just call it another cultural experience.

She Knows What She Wants

Brazilian women are direct and strong willed. She knows what she wants, how she feels, and she is unashamed of it; which can be an adjustment for American men. In the United States, dating is kind of a game. You don't want to be too eager and scare the girl away, but you don't want to wait too long and offend her either, so what do you do you do? You wait 24 hours to text a girl, and keep your cool. Well, forget that now because Brazilian women appreciate a man who is forward. Why waste time with games, when you can get right to the good parts of life?

Brazilians are "Touchy Feely"

Don't be surprised when someone invades your bubble of personal space- believe us, it will happen. Brazilians will stand closer to you while speaking, pat your arm or shoulder, and they may even take your hand during conversation. No, they aren't all hitting on you, it's just their culture; and in some regions, they may even kiss you as they greet you. Which brings us to our next point: Public Displays of Affection.

While PDA isn't as common in the United States, it's expected in Brazil. A Brazilian woman wants you to sit next to her in a booth at a restaurant, hold her hands, and kiss her in public. She might even want to makeout on a bus with you- it's not rude to them! Physical Touch is more than a Love Language, it's culture.

They Aren't "Easy"

Now, just because she is affectionate and "touchy feely" doesn't mean she's easy. So, squash that stereotype. While these women are naturally passionate and confident people, and it's not unheard of to kiss handsome strangers in clubs, that doesn't mean it'll become anything more. In many cases, a kiss is just a kiss, and does not mean she will go home with you. So, when you're on a date with a woman, don't set expectations on how physical the night will become. Instead, focus on having a good time, and see where the journey takes you, whether it's date one or six, move at the pace you're both comfortable with. And, as with all women, be respectful, otherwise she will put you in your place.

She's Not Standing You Up, She's Just Late

While American's have a reputation for punctuality, Brazilian's... have their own time schedule. If your date is fifteen minutes late, she's not standing you up, she's just late. So, don't be offended, it's not that she doesn't think your time is valuable, it's just her culture. In fact, many Brazilians expect their guests to arrive at their homes fifteen to thirty minutes after their expected time- some even consider punctuality rude! Now, we aren't suggesting you be late, just don't take it personally.

She's Down to Earth

Brazilian women are generally relaxed, easy going, and down to earth. She wants every day to be a good one, and tends to have a glass half full outlook on life. So, if you're the kind of guy who believes the phrase Happy wife happy life then a Brazilian woman just might be your ticket for a life full of love and laughter.

She Is Compassionate

She will ask about your family and friends, whether they're happy and healthy. She genuinely cares because she values family relationships. Make sure you ask about her family too, she'll appreciate the warmth and thoughtfulness of it.

She Loves Getting Out of the House

She wants to go out and experience life first-hand. It's normal for them to go to bars and clubs with friends, so don't be jealous- tag along with them and have a great time! Sure, they have days where they hangout and watch movies at the house, but be prepared for her lust for life, and embrace that social side of her.

She Won't Love Sarcasm and Swearing

In Brazil, swearing is considered rude. So, while you may be accustomed to cursing, try to keep her culture in mind. You wouldn't want her walking around saying offensive things either. Along those lines, she may misunderstand your sarcasm. Yes, she loves to laugh, but light hearted humor is far more common in their culture than the dry humor Americans and Brits are accustomed to.

She Likes Gifts

If she invites you to her home, be sure to bring flowers, or some other gift like chocolate. Not only is it romantic, but it is a sign of appreciation- and if you want to go the extra mile, orchids are especially appreciated.

What Are Brazilian Women Looking For?

We've told you a lot about what it's like to date a Brazilian woman, but what does she want in a man? Here's a few tips:

She Wants Romance

Be romantic! Romance is as much a part of Brazilian culture as anything else, so be prepared for romantic dates, dancing, and kissing in the streets. In fact, if you've seen it in a romance movie, then consider it an option; and if you really want to impress her, plan a romantic weekend getaway to the beach or the mountains, she will love it.

She Wants Passion

Embrace your passionate side, and with passion comes being direct. Brazilian women love it when you are forward, so don't wait around for the right time to tell her how you feel about her. Do it now. This behavior is normal for them, and she will find the confidence attractive. This doesn't just apply to your love life either- she appreciates a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. Take life by the reigns and live fully and authentically.

She Wants A Family Man

With family being so monumental in their culture, it should be no surprise that she will want a man who will value family. Yes, she lives in the now, but she also wants a man who would embrace fatherhood and marriage.

How to Meet Brazillian Women Online

If you live in the United Sates, you're going to have the best luck if you live in California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York as they have the highest populations of Brazillian women. If you aren't in these states your best next option is to look online. The obvious choices are tinder and bumble. If you purchase the premium memberships for these apps, you can swipe in any country or city in the world. But if you want something a little different you can try Brazil Cupid. Brazillian Cupid has a ton of great options but you will have to pay for a membership to talk with any of the women on the site.

In Summary

At the end of the day, she wants what any woman wants: to be loved and appreciated. She wants romance, authenticity, emotional and physical intimacy. She wants a man who can be direct about his feelings, who is confident and adventurous. She wants someone who can take her on a romantic getaway to the beach over a three day weekend, who will be as affectionate and spontaneous as she is! If you really want to land one of these exotic goddesses, be yourself and fall in love with life. As with any new relationship, confidence and honesty are key, so tell her how you feel, be forward, be romantic, and sweep her off her sun kissed feet. We also have guides on dating Colombian women, so check that out as well!

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